• Large field SEM image of a herniated intervertebral disc

  • Elastic fiber in human annulus fibrosus

  • Herniated annulus fibrosus in an ovine model system

  • Herniation pattern in an ovine intervertebral disc.

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Latest News

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    Congratulation to Dr. Javad Tavakoli for receiving the 2020 Acta Biomaterialia’s Outstanding Reviewer awards for excellence in reviewing in 2019, Read More
  • New publication

    Congratulation to the team for performing a high caliber research reporting the ultrastructural organization of elastic fibers in the nucleus Read More
  • Mentorship

    Excellent talk by Prof Joanne Tipper in Academic Journeys Webinar: "How on earth did I end up in Australia?” What Read More
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Connecting dots at the interface of biology and biomedical engineering

Welcome to JT lab   

JT labs leading by Prof Joanne L. Tipper and Dr. Javad Tavakoli is based on the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. JT lab's research program incules:

  • The isolation of UHMWPE, metal and ceramic particles from different implants and study the biological responses to wear debris contributing to the understanding of implant failure and the development of longer lasting, more reliable medical devices and implants.
  • Isolation, characterisation and determination of the cellular responses to wear particles from new and novel material.
  • Investigation of spinal cord cellular responses to wear products from spinal implants and instrumentation alongside projects investigating neural stem cell and primary neural cell responses to matrix stiffness of novel hydrogel scaffolds for central nervous system repair.
  • Spinal cord injury and repair.
  • Mechanobiology and understanding the structure-function relationship in the intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue at the multi-scale (macro, micro, and nano), leading to the development of bio-inspired scaffolds.
  •  Development of 3D IVD organ models (3D bioprinting and IVD-on-a-chip) for low back pain studies. 

Developing such a deep understanding will effectively assist us to translate our research into clinical applications through fabricating functional implants with particular focus on the intervertebral disc, spinal cord, and articular cartilage. In the spirit of our research program, we develop novel fluorescent biosensors, based on aggregation-induced emission materials, to tackle major research projects in modern biomedical science. 

We work closely with our collaborators to fabricate bioinspired tissue-engineered scaffolds based on novel hybrid hydrogels using the state-of-the-art facilities (3D printing and bioprinting, vortex Fluidic Device, etc.).

Our research

Research areas

  • Spinal cord Injury 
  • Biological responses to wear debris
  • Intervertebral disc regeneration and IVD organ model systems
  • Implant failure and development of longer-lasting, more reliable devices
  • Central nervous system repair
  • Structure-function relationship in disc


  • Hydrogels
  • Biomedical polymers
  • Fluorescent hydrogels
  • Polymers, metals & ceramics particles
  • Aggregation-induced emission probes (biosensors)

Core facilities

  • 3D printing
  • 3D biorpiting
  • Vortex Fluidic Device
  • Biomaterials Characterization
  • Cell culture and characterization

Contact us for available research positions

  • Highly motivated researchers are welcome to join our first-class research lab to successfully build their careers. JT labs offer a range of research projects in tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, drug delivery systems, wound healing and mechanobiology.

About us

“We are a creative team, leading Biomedical and Tissue Engineering research in Australia to create bioinspired scaffolds replicating the structural complexity of their native counterparts. in collaboration with our partners, we are looking to translate our findings into clinical practice using both animal and human system models ...  ”

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"Are you interested in research at the interface of biology and engineering? We would love to support motivated PhD students, postdocs and visiting scholars. Join us and perform your high impact research through state-of-the-art-infrastructure and knowledge we can provide. Send us your CV today to discuss ...." 

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Building 11 University of Technology Sydney 81, Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007





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