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Dr Javad Tavakoli

   Javad moved to the University of Technology Sydney after being awarded the prestigious Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship in January 2020. His PhD research at Flinders University mainly focused on understanding structure-function relationship in soft tissues that resulted in novel findings describing the ultrastructural organisation of elastic fibres in the intervertebral disc, for the first time.

   As a part of his PhD research, he developed a unique methodology for in-situ isolation and visualisation of the elastic fibres in the disc, significantly contributing to understanding the role of the elastic fibres during progression to herniation.

   His previous postdoctoral research at Australia-China Joint Research Laboratory for Health Technologies led to the creation of new platforms for nano-fabrication and characterisation of hydrogels and cell tracking, using aggregation-induced-emission fluorogens and Vortex Fluidic Device. His knowledge in the design of drug delivery systems along with working experience in relevant industries resulted in the commercialisation of three products so far.

   New and expanding areas of interest include the use of 3D bioprinting to engineer a novel 3D tissue for disc regeneration and performing mechanistic multiscale approaches to develop a toolbox for studying the clinical relevance of elastic fibres in both disc and other soft tissues to identify the relationship between elastic fibre disorders and tissue degeneration, ageing and deformity.

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