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Senior Leader

 Professor Joanne L. Tipper

   Joanne moved into the multidisciplinary research field of medical engineering in the mid 1990s after completing a PhD in skin microbiology at the University of Leeds. Over the last 25 years she has developed methodologies for isolating wear particles generated by total joint replacements.

   With over 80 peer reviewed publications on the isolation of UHMWPE, metal and ceramic particles and the biological responses to wear debris her work has contributed to the understanding of implant failure and the development of longer lasting, more reliable devices. Projects include isolation, characterisation and determination of the cellular responses to wear particles from new and novel materials including silicon nitride based coating systems, antioxidant polyethylenes e.g. vitamin E UHMWPE, PEEK and CFR-PEEK and carbon nanotube/graphene polyethylene composites.

   New and expanding areas of interest include investigation of spinal cord cellular responses to wear products from spinal implants and instrumentation alongside projects investigating neural stem cell and primary neural cell responses to matrix stiffness of novel hydrogel scaffolds for central nervous system repair. 


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