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Group Members




Research Assistants:

  • Carin Basirun 


PhD candidates:

  • Maryam Alsadat Rad

Maryam Alsadat Rad is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). In 2014, she received her first PhD in Solid State Physics from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).  During her PhD study, she focused on the fabrication of micro- and nano-structures for biomedical application. After completion of her degree, she was appointed as a Postdoctoral Researcher over two years in both Sharif University of Technology in IRAN and University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). She has conducted research on projects on cancer cells in the microfluidic environment. Currently, she is conducting a multidisciplinary project on the hydrogel scaffolds for the study of 3D in vitro spinal cord injury models under the supervision of Prof. Joanne Tipper, Head of School of Biomedical Engineering at UTS.


  • John Bactol 
  • David Wen 

David Wen is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney, supervised by Professor Joanne Tipper. He has completed a combined degree of Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Biomedical Engineering) and Bachelor of Medical Science (major in Physiology) at The University of Sydney, with a High Distinction in his Honours Thesis. His current research interests are in orthopaedic instrumentation and implants, biomaterials, wear particles, and biological responses to wear particles.
David’s PhD study aims to investigate the neural cell responses to wear debris from spinal instrumentation and devices. Although, there has been some success with spinal surgery, major challenges still persist including a high demand of patients, problems with spinal revision surgery and the lack of implant performance due to wear debris. Previous research on similar procedures like hip and knee replacements has shown that wear particles have caused osteolysis. In addition, recent cases of metal-on-metal total disc replacements have demonstrated metallosis and pseudotumours. Due to these concerns, his project involves the isolation and characterisation of wear particles from different biomaterials used in spinal devices, and also 2D/3D multicellular modelling to examine neural cell responses to wear particles.

  • Lingmeng Li
  • Sushil Kandrel 
  • Bradley Beck
  • KM Anamul Hossein
  • Tirad Sulaiman Alsharari 



  • Merin Mathew 

Merin Mathew is an International student at UTS, currently pursuing Master of Engineering specialised in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Management. She opted for this degree so as to gain more expertise and best career opportunities in the field of Biomedical engineering. She believes being a part of this research team will further enhance her skills, to shape her long-term career goals in the field of Biomedical Engineering industry. she has completed her Undergraduate in Bachelor of Technology specialised in Biomedical Engineering from Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology, India during the academic year 2014-2018. Her current research project at JT Labs aims to prepare and characterize alginate-hyper branch hybrid nanocomposites and evaluate their biomedical applications.


  • Corey Dubois 
  • Rishikesh Mahalingam
  • Salindi Herath











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